Contents of a chuck wagon cooking supply list

Published: 07th October 2010
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The chuck wagon cooking supply list will have to be prepared on a regular basis in order to ensure that all the required inventory is available at all times to satisfy all the customers who come to the chuck wagon. A specific person who is made in charge of stores and supplies will be asked to check the current availability of stocks in the storage and prepare the cooking supply list. The contents of this cooking supply could include any food items or provisions which will be required to prepare the food which is sold on the chuck wagon or it could include any utensils or other kitchen articles which will be needed in order to prepare the food sold in the chuck wagon. All the items which can be found in the list of cooking supply from chuck wagon can be easily procured from any authorized dealer or it can be obtained with the help of the Internet.

A sour dough keg is one probable item which might appear on list of cooking supply by chuck wagon. White oak wood of the most superior quality will be usually used in order to create these sour dough kegs. The capacity of these sour dough kegs will be more than two gallons and they will have a height of twelve inches. The sour dough kegs which were used previously sometimes contained a coating of paraffin. However later on, these sour dough kegs were made using wood since this would impart a much better flavor and seasoning to the dough which has been prepared inside it.

In case the sour dough keg which is being used does not have any kind of lining, the first batch of dough which has been prepared inside it, will have to be discarded immediately after preparation. This will help in providing the right kind of lining and seasoning for the sour dough keg and this will also ensure the quality of any further sour dough which is prepared inside the keg in future. After the sour dough keg has been purchased, it will have to undergo a complete cleaning process using boiling hot water in order to remove any kind of worms, insects or parasites which might be present in its interiors. People who would like a sour dough keg which contains paraffin lining can specify that while placing the order for the keg.

A portable pantry could be one more item which will be on the chuck wagon cooking supply list. All the essential items which are needed in order to run the chuck wagon can be stored inside the portable pantry after they have been purchased. Separate spaces will be provided in order to store the various containers having spices in them apart from flour, coffee and sugar. But nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a portable pantry which is in perfect working condition. It will usually require some kind of repair or the replacement of certain parts before it is in a condition where it can be sold.

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